Hi-Def Electrical, Inc. added solar installations to our list of services a few years ago.  After performing the electrical work on a solar installation program at Walgreen’s stores throughout California we decided it made sense to offer this service to all of our customers.  We met with many industry experts, attended educational functions, and applied our extensive knowledge of construction, development and electrical experience to develop our program.  Our first install went without a hitch (AM/PM, Lincoln CA) and performs well.  The building inspector complimented the professionalism of our installation and was impressed with how well the system was laid out and installed.  We continue to look for the best solutions for our customers and apply our methods to bring them greater value and create systems that meet their needs.

More recently we have been working with several projects to integrate battery storage for demand reduction as well as short term backup solutions during power outages to help protect the various monitoring and low voltage systems at fuel facilities.  We are also looking at integrating solar and storage options to EV charging.  These are young industries that are evolving rapidly, and creating new challenges and opportunities for us to continue to help our customers find ways to help the environment profitably.

Here are some of the lines we use and carry for solar:

sw_logo_4c solaredge-logo